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Add theory

Here you can create and publish a topic (for example, Lorentz Power, Descartes Meditations) from a specific subject (such as physics, philosophy).

What do I have to consider?

(1) Before you add a topic, you must first be sure that this topic has not yet been published in the Universaldenker world. Use the search function of the website or even better Google search! To do this, enter the following in Google search: "site: universaldenker.org SEARCH TERM". Replace SEARCH with the term you are looking for, e.g. "site: universaldenker.orglorentz force". In this way, Google searches only content on universaldenker.org. If nothing was found, then you can be sure that this topic is not yet available in the Universaldenker world. If the topic already exists, you can complete the topic, improve it, or explain the topic at a different level of difficulty (indicated by the brain symbols). For example, there may be three versions of "lorentz force": "Beginner" (one brain), "Advanced" (two brains), and "Professional" (three brains). But not more.

(2) Content in the Universaldenker world is added using HTML and designed with predefined CSS classes (e.g., placing a text in a red box). So it would be an advantage if you first deal with HTML and CSS (even if everything is explained when adding the topic).

(3) Follow the norm, if you understand German. It contains standard notations and rules for writing scientific texts in order to make the content in the Universaldenker world as uniform as possible.

(4) Very long theories should be divided into small sub-theories and linked to the collection in the correct reading order. For example, "quantum field theory" should be a collection rather than a topic.

(5) After adding the theory, it is not yet published. Once an administrator has reviewed your added theory, it will be made public to everyone. Nevertheless, you can edit your content (the edit option will appear in the navigation when you are on the page of your content).

Did you not understand something or have further specific questions? Then use the contact page or write a message to the user "FufaeV".

Before you add...

So that you can edit the theory at a later date, you have to register first. It is very fast! Come back to this page after registering!
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