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For every question (for example, physics, bio, chemistry, electrical engineering) there is always an answer.

What do I have to consider?

Make sure that you actually ask a question and do not ask for help. It is not a forum! A question consists of a question word and in the end there is a question mark! In addition, it should specifically refer to concepts or relationships in the sciences.
Good question: What does the Fermat principle say?
Good question: Why is the sky blue?
Good question: How does a simple barometer work?

Inappropriate question: How does this task work?
Inappropriate question: Where can I find good learning websites?
Inappropriate question: Do you have an improvement for my presentation?

Bad questions will not be published. Published questions can be modified by the moderators.

You may ask no more than 3 same or similar questions that require a different level of knowledge (you choose the level of knowledge when adding the question). 1x question that is answered for "beginners", 1x for "advanced" and 1x for "professionals".

As usual: No external content may be linked. However, entries from the portal room can be linked and from there, the visitor can decide for himself whether or not he wants to access external pages.

Before you add...

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Travel to the safe other worlds of the Internet to search for the knowledge. If you find a world of particular interest, then you can build a portal to the world in the Universaldenker World, to ensure quick access to other visitors.

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