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Alexander Fufaev

What is the difference between the angular and orbital velocity?

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    Sketched angular velocity \(\omega\) and exemplified two different orbital velocities of different speed.

    The angular velocity \(\omega \) always points in the direction of the rotation axis (orthogonal to the rotation disk) and does not change its direction in the case of a constant circular motion. The angular velocity gives the traversed angle \(\alpha \) of a mass point of the disk per time \(t\): \(\omega = \alpha / t \). In contrast to the orbital speed, the angular speed for a rotating disk is the same for all mass points (which make up the disk).

    The orbital speed \(v\), on the other hand, is the greater, the further away a mass point of the circular disc is from the axis of rotation. The mass point, which is closer to the axis of rotation, must cover a smaller circumference than a mass point farther away from the axis of rotation. In addition, the orbital velocity is tangent to the orbit and changes direction all the time.

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