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Mayday Mayday!

Are you worried about anything? Do you need advice? Do you have an urgent question? A suggestion for improvement? Any problem professionally or privately? Then send me a message; maybe something will come back!

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Helpers wanted for Instagram!

Do you want to manage our Instagram account?


  • You can do that whenever you want.
  • You own an Instagram app and you know how to use it. And of course, do not pass on the password of the universaldenker account.
  • You are not averse to science. It is also good if you would like to learn new things.

What can you do then?

  • Illustrationen (JPG-Format!) mit dortigen Texten kopieren und auf Instagram hochladen. Um die Illustrationen besser zu "promoten", passende Hashtags benutzen. Beispiel anschauen
  • Wenn Du Zeit hast, kannst Du auch gerne andersweitig mit dem Account auf Instagram aktiv sein und beispielsweise andere Beitr
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The voice asks ...
How do I gain access?

To enter the Portal of Ak'tazun, you must swallow the red pill. After you have gone through the portal, you get into the matrix, where you can do the following:

  • Add & manage content
  • Comment on some content
  • Chat with communicator RT2000
  • Join telegram group
Are you in?
I'm in!
Portale in die anderen Welten

Travel to the safe other worlds of the Internet to search for the knowledge. If you find a world of particular interest, then you can build a portal to the world in the Universaldenker World, to ensure quick access to other visitors.

Enter the portal room
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The communicator RT2000 only works within the matrix!
I want to get into the matrix!Mayday! Make contact.